62nd US National Badminton Championships Results - April 7, 2002

Draw Sheets (PDF)
Men's Singles Women's Singles Men's Doubles Women's Doubles Mixed Doubles
Men's Singles Consolation Women's Singles Consolation Men's Doubles Consolation (WD Consolation included above) Mixed Doubles Consolation

Men's Singles Final Result
Kevin Han (Orange, CA; #1 seed & defending champion) [two-time U.S. Olympian]
def. Howard Bach (Orange, CA; #2 seed) 7-3,7-2,7-5

Women's Singles Final Result
Meiluawati (Orange, CA; #1 seed & defending champion)
def. Elie Wu (Alhambra, CA; #2 seed) 7-0,7-0,8-6

Men's Doubles Final Result
Kevin Han/Howard Bach (Orange, CA; #1 seed & defending champion)
def. Andy Chong/Alex Liang (Marblehead, NY/Fountain Valley, CA; #2 seed) 7-2,7-2,7-3

Women's Doubles Final Result
Janis Tan/Elie Wu (San Gabriel/Alhambra, CA; #1 seed)
def. Melinda Keszthelyi/Szilvia Szombati (Salem, MA; #2 seed) 7-0,7-4,7-4

Mixed Doubles Final Result
Andy Chong/Szilvia Szombati (Marblehead, NY/Salem, MA; #1 seed)
def. Khankham Malaythong/Mesinee Mangkalakiri (Orange, CA; #3/4 seed) 7-3,8-7,7-3

The winners have earned seeding positions at the VIII Sudirman Cup World Mixed Team Championship (February 2003, Netherlands) U.S. Team Trials that will take place later this year. The National Badminton Championships was first held in Chicago in 1937. All National Championships participants must be U.S. Citizens or have resided in the U.S. in the preceding 12 months.
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